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My number is 555...

So, I want a phone buddy. I want someone to talk to on the phone regularly about anything and everything. Not necessarily, everyday or the same time and day all the time, just often/frequently. People seem to be so busy, but with that being the case, it would make it that much more special knowing that the other person and myself made the effort.

Where did this bit of randomness come from? Well, I was on facebook and messaged a friend. He said he had to get off and asked if I still had his number. We exchanged numbers and he said he'd talk to me soon. I honestly didn't think he meant within the next five minutes. We chatted for about 40 minutes. I thought it was gonna be weird because we hadn't seen or spoken (actually talked) since around the time I graduated high school. It was cool catching up and almost as if it hadn't been six or seven years since the last time. He's younger than me so it was also funny hearing a deeper voice than what I had last heard. I enjoyed the conversation.

So yeah, I think that would be fun..that's what I need (or want anyway). Any takers?
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