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My first place

I signed the least on my first place yesterday evening. Today my mom, sister, and I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. I'm quite excited and feel liberated. By the time we're settled in though, I will be penniless. There's still much work to be done. I'm so happy and thankful I had help cleaning. My mom and sister did all the stuff I didn't want to do, all the really yucky stuff. We were absolutely amazed at how disgusting the apartment was. It was as if the landlords and prior tenants did no cleaning at all..no exaggeration. I do not understand how people can live in such filth. I honestly cannot express the extent of nastiness. Just ridiculous.

Kevin is taking us moving out it harder than I am. Myles seems to be doing okay and understanding it all. Hopefully that doesn't change. We broke up a little over a month ago. The majority of the time since then, was kinda shitty up until a few days ago. Thankfully, Myles and I will be leaving on a good note.
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